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Message from the President May 22, 2017

Message from the President May 22, 2017

You may have noticed that our website has changed.  We hope you like the new modern look and we worked to make it mobile responsive. The goal of the website is to keep you updated on what is happening with your bank, and to welcome potential new customers.  With the...

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Teller County Economic Forum 2018

Teller County Economic Forum 2018

2017 Review:  2017 Real GDP – 2.6% Labor market remains strong. The unemployment rate continued its annual descent, dropping another 6/10ths to 4.1%. Nonfarm payroll growth averaged 171k in 2017, another solid year of growth. The 10-Year Treasury had its most...

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Trust Division News

Trust Division News

APRIL 2017 ABOVE MARKET HISTORICAL PERFORMANCE IN FIRST QUARTER 2017 We experienced a great start to the year as U.S. domestic markets started out strong. The NASDAQ Composite Index led the way with a 9.8 percent return for the first three months of 2017. The S&P...

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More secure and available the day after your statement is generated.  E-statements have the added benefit of being “green”, meaning we not only save a tree but unnecessary postage is saved thus keeping costs down.

Extremely efficient and competent, friendly and professional, I would use Dave Paul again without hesitation.

Dave Connely

i2 Mobile

Currently in testing, we will be making mobile banking available for your accounts in the next couple of months.  We will let you know once we know the release date.  The App will be a secure mobile optimized version of the online version.

I received quick, courteous, and friendly service from Dave Paul. I consider him the best of all mortgage brokers I have dealt with in 50 years.

Jerome J. Olsen


Park State Bank & Trust

710 W. US Hwy 24
Woodland Park, CO 80863
p. 719.687.9234
f. 719.687.8704

Our Hours

Monday through Friday
Lobby:  9:00 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Drive-Up: 8:00 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Lobby: 9:00 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Drive-Up: 9:00 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Mailing Address

PO Box 9
Woodland Park, CO 80866

Local ATMs

Park State Bank & Trust (Woodland Park)
710 W. US Hwy 24
Woodland Park, CO 80863

Venture Foods (Divide)
11115 W US Hwy 24
Divide, CO 80814

18172 County Rd 1

Florissant, CO 80816


As an independent, locally-owned and professionally managed financial institution, Park State Bank & Trust shall continue to provide personal, dependable, and innovative financial services to our community. Our goal is to remain safe, secure and profitable for our customers, employees and shareholders.


Our Vision is to become the leading community bank in each of the markets that we serve. We recognize that our lives must be balanced to be successful. We respect our team members and the contribution they make to the organization. We understand that there is no substitute for hard work in assuring the total satisfaction of our customers and we will overcome all obstacles to our success through perseverance. 


On Thursday, April 15, 1965, Park State Bank announced its open house at what was then the new bank building in Woodland Park. After over five decades of serving the Ute Pass Region, Park State Bank & Trust has experienced tremendous growth and is now housed in its relatively new and expanded bank building in Woodland Park.

The majority owners trace their roots to the 1870s where they began a tradition in banking that has stayed true to providing a high level of service, commitment to small business, and making a difference in the community.  We look forward to sharing more of their story in the future.


Our commitment to community is unquestioned and we will continue to provide leadership and remain a positive member of the community.  We believe that serving the community means more than just offering banking solutions.  We are known for fairness and integrity and for providing innovative and valued services to community organizations.  We are honored to be a part of the community and we respect and appreciate all community members who work to improve our quality of life.


We put the “Personal” in banking.  We have the products and services to manage your personal finances.  We are known for providing a high level of service.  We are constantly learning, and seeking to improve how to serve you better.  We will stay current with technology but it all starts with the beginning of the relationship which is why we still ask you to visit us at our bank to open accounts or discuss your lending needs.  We know the community and we are competitive on loans and we also are very good at working with unconventional loan needs.  We look forward to serving you.

Construction Loans

As a leader providing construction loans in the communities we serve, we take pride in offering competitive rates while offering a very efficient and effective process designed to work well for all parties involved.  Our experience will make a difference in assisting you in getting your home built.

Land Loans

We know the communities we serve and are happy to work with you to acquire the lot or land you desire.  Whether you want a spot to pitch your tent, or you plan to build your dream home, we are ready to talk to you about all of the nuances of buying land.

Personal Loans

Personal means that we will personally work to help you meet your goals

Auto/Truck/ATV/Snow Mobiles

We stand ready to assist in your next vehicle purchase or to get that recreational vehicle you have been wanting.

Ready Reserve Loans

A simple application will give you access to a personal line of credit for use on a rainy day or those unexpected needs, or just as a backup to your checking accounts.

Checking Accounts

We have the checking accounts to meet your needs.  No fancy names, but tell us what features you desire and we will match them with the appropriate account.

Savings Accounts

Yes, we have savings accounts to meet your desire to save, and yes, one day rates will improve and give you a better return.

Certificates of Deposit

We have all the standard terms to match your funding needs timeline.

Online Banking

Yes, we offer a secure way for you to manage your accounts online and we utilize the industry/security required two factor authentication for your protection.

Online Bill Pay

Yes, we offer a no charge bill pay solution allowing you to control and manage your payments


Save a tree, save some money and access your account statements at your convenience.


In development and soon you will receive your notices electronically.

Phone Banking

Still available for your use.

ATM Card

Available if you only desire to access your accounts at an ATM, or wish to fund an account for your student's use.

Debit Card

Yes, we have a card more secure than cash and more convenient than checks.

Safe Deposit Boxes

No robots yet to bring your box, but we have most sizes available at a low cost to secure your valuables.

Night Drop

App in testing and we will announce availability shortly.


Small Businesses are the backbone of our local economic vitality and indeed the backbone of what makes our country prosperous.  As a Small Business ourselves, we understand that it takes a lot of effort to be successful and to sustain longevity.  We believe that Small Businesses are stronger when they leverage and support each other.  Small Businesses helping Small Businesses is a philosophy that we strive to live by every day.   Our loan team works very hard to truly understand your business lending needs and it is our job to assess the risk and communicate clearly.  We are very agile and take pride in working hard to meet your small business needs.  You will always get our honest perspective and we are committed to putting in the work even if we are not currently a good fit for your business.  However, we have a track record of helping our Small Business customers grow and thrive.  We look forward to serving your Small Business, and we look forward to being a part of your business journey.

Business Loans

Small Business is the backbone of our economy and yes we are proud to say that during the great recession we still invested and believed in the Small Business.  We will take the time to listen to your needs and desires and begin a relationship to walk with you to reach your goals.

Lines of Credit

Yes, we offer lines of credit to level out your cash flow cycles.

Construction SPEC/Pre Sold

We are the best at supporting your projects and we work hard to facilitate expedited draws and we leverage our experience to give additional value to you.

SBA Small Business Association

Yes, we can facilitate an SBA loan if it is the best instrument to meet your business goals and needs.

Participation Loans

We are a small community bank but we partner with other community banks to provide great service at higher loan amounts.

Checking Accounts

Yes, we have a checking account that will work for your business.

Savings Accounts

Yes, we have savings accounts with no fancy names.

Certificates of Deposit

Yes, we have all of the terms to match your funding needs.

Online Banking

Your accounts are online, you can offer “view only” access to your Bookkeeper/CPA.  Instant access to your statement the first business day of the month.

Online Bill Pay

Small Businesses can leverage bill pay to more efficiently pay your obligations.

Online Banking Cash Management

Additional online tools for your business, ACH debit and credit functionality and more.


Convenient. Immediately available versus waiting for snail mail.


Coming soon to get the information you need.

Business Debit Card

Safe, secure, and a more convenient than checks.

Merchant Services

Acquire credit cards for the convenience of your customers with local support.

Phone Banking

Currently available for your use.

Night Drop Bags

Locking and unlocking after hours convenience and to secure your deposits.


Yes, we are competitive with standard conventional mortgage lending and we have the mortgage products you need.  There can be many challenges to getting your mortgage from non-standard properties to credit report challenges or atypical income sources.  Even with a straight-forward mortgage there are processes that can be challenging and frustrating.  We solve that by having a true service mentality.  We seek to understand your needs and goals and we work very hard to help you through the process to a successful conclusion.

Conventional Conforming

Yes, we offer competitive rates.  We could do it spaceship style, but we have found that there always seem to be obstacles to knockdown to get the desired outcome.  We have a high level of success in meeting our customer’s needs, unless you have absolutely no income.


Thank you for your service!  We will work hard to maximize the benefit you earned serving our country


We offer this program and can navigate the process with you.

USDA Rural Development

We do live in an area where this is sometimes a great option and we will do the legwork to make the loan happen for you.

HECM (Reverse)

This product is not for everyone and if your circumstances make this product a good fit for you, we will make sure that you understand the mortgage and we will walk with you every step of the way.


Jumbo loans are common place in our communities and we can accommodate your needs.

Portfolio 5/30

In the event that an individual borrower cannot meet the requirements for a conventional or government mortgage, or are financing a home temporarily until additional assets become available, Park State Bank offers portfolio five-year loans with payments based on up to thirty-year amortizations. These 5/30 loans offer streamlined local underwriting and can bridge the gap for borrowers who find their situation or their property just shy of conventional approval requirements.


We can be agile in helping you meet your needs especially when transitioning in to our communities.

Regulated by the Colorado Division of Real Estate



Each of us has an idea of what defines wealth.  Therefore, wealth should not be seen as a number but rather a goal to obtain.  Our Trust Division is here to listen to your goals and play a role in helping obtain those goals.  Our Trust team has an impeccable reputation for helping persons obtain, protect, and ultimately pass on their wealth according to each individual customer’s wishes.  It is never too early or late to put together your wealth management plan.  As a fiduciary, our responsibility is to help you identify and assemble the resources necessary for you to be successful.  Remember, wealth can mean many things such as knowing your wishes will be carried out after you have passed away.  Trusts are mechanisms for doing just that.  There are also Trusts designed to support and protect persons you love while you are still living.  Financial and retirement planning are a necessity in today’s world and we can provide support.  Small Business Owners need to think about their exit strategy.

The services provided by our Trust Division are so varied and diverse that the best thing to do is to make an appointment, let us grab you a coffee and talk.  We will not charge you for listening and we look forward to serving your needs if it makes sense to you.


There are many types of trusts for many reasons.  The simplest way to describe them is that we can help carry out your wishes in your absence.  Marcie will be happy to sit with you and talk about the life needs where a trust might be a good fit.


Investments ***NOT FDIC INSURED***

Investments are professionally managed and there is oversight by several entities to make sure the investments are consistent with your goals and desires.


Financial Planning ***NOT FDIC INSURED***

We can work with you to establish a financial plan to meet your goals and objectives.


Retirement ***NOT FDIC INSURED***

A purposeful retirement plan is more critical than ever and we can provide resources in this important endeavor.


Estate Settlement ***NOT FDIC INSURED***

We can help with one of the most difficult aspects of life, dealing with death and the emotional, legal, and financial ramifications of settling your estate.  We can provide great assistance to your loved ones by taking the pressure of them during a typically difficult time.  We can also work to make sure your wishes are carried out as directed.


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