Small Businesses are the backbone of our local economic vitality and indeed the backbone of what makes our country prosperous.  As a Small Business ourselves, we understand that it takes a lot of effort to be successful and to sustain longevity.  We believe that Small Businesses are stronger when they leverage and support each other.  Small Businesses helping Small Businesses is a philosophy that we strive to live by every day.   Our loan team works very hard to truly understand your business lending needs and it is our job to assess the risk and communicate clearly.  We are very agile and take pride in working hard to meet your small business needs.  You will always get our honest perspective and we are committed to putting in the work even if we are not currently a good fit for your business.  However, we have a track record of helping our Small Business customers grow and thrive.  We look forward to serving your Small Business, and we look forward to being a part of your business journey.

Business Loans

Small Business is the backbone of our economy and yes we are proud to say that during the great recession we still invested and believed in the Small Business.  We will take the time to listen to your needs and desires and begin a relationship to walk with you to reach your goals.

Lines of Credit

Yes, we offer lines of credit to level out your cash flow cycles.

Construction SPEC/Pre Sold

We are the best at supporting your projects and we work hard to facilitate expedited draws and we leverage our experience to give additional value to you.

SBA Small Business Association

Yes, we can facilitate an SBA loan if it is the best instrument to meet your business goals and needs.

Participation Loans

We are a small community bank but we partner with other community banks to provide great service at higher loan amounts.

Checking Accounts

Yes, we have a checking account that will work for your business.

Savings Accounts

Yes, we have savings accounts with no fancy names.

Certificates of Deposit

Yes, we have all of the terms to match your funding needs.

Online Banking

Your accounts are online, you can offer “view only” access to your Bookkeeper/CPA.  Instant access to your statement the first business day of the month.

Online Bill Pay

Small Businesses can leverage bill pay to more efficiently pay your obligations.

Online Banking Cash Management

Additional online tools for your business, ACH debit and credit functionality and more.


Convenient. Immediately available versus waiting for snail mail.


Coming soon to get the information you need.

Business Debit Card

Safe, secure, and a more convenient than checks.

Merchant Services

Acquire credit cards for the convenience of your customers with local support.

Phone Banking

Currently available for your use.

Night Drop Bags

Locking and unlocking after hours convenience and to secure your deposits.