Yes, we are competitive with standard conventional mortgage lending and we have the mortgage products you need.  There can be many challenges to getting your mortgage from non-standard properties to credit report challenges or atypical income sources.  Even with a straight-forward mortgage there are processes that can be challenging and frustrating.  We solve that by having a true service mentality.  We seek to understand your needs and goals and we work very hard to help you through the process to a successful conclusion.

Conventional Conforming

Yes, we offer competitive rates.  We could do it spaceship style, but we have found that there always seem to be obstacles to knockdown to get the desired outcome.  We have a high level of success in meeting our customer’s needs, unless you have absolutely no income.


Thank you for your service!  We will work hard to maximize the benefit you earned serving our country


We offer this program and can navigate the process with you.

USDA Rural Development

We do live in an area where this is sometimes a great option and we will do the legwork to make the loan happen for you.

HECM (Reverse)

This product is not for everyone and if your circumstances make this product a good fit for you, we will make sure that you understand the mortgage and we will walk with you every step of the way.


Jumbo loans are common place in our communities and we can accommodate your needs.

Portfolio 5/30

In the event that an individual borrower cannot meet the requirements for a conventional or government mortgage, or are financing a home temporarily until additional assets become available, Park State Bank offers portfolio five-year loans with payments based on up to thirty-year amortizations. These 5/30 loans offer streamlined local underwriting and can bridge the gap for borrowers who find their situation or their property just shy of conventional approval requirements.


We can be agile in helping you meet your needs especially when transitioning in to our communities.

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