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Interest RateAPY
6 Month CD(a)4.50%4.59%
12 Month CD(a)4.25%4.33%
18 Month CD(a)4.00%4.07%


We Want to Thank Our Existing Customers for Your Continued Confidence in Our Services to You!

Dear Customer,

Nationwide, the classic bank “toaster” reward has gone wild with gimmicks to attract NEW customers. At Park State Bank & Trust, we take the opposite view. It is our existing customer, you, who has supported this bank for over 50 years in the community.

We have raised your savings rate to a level well above our local marketplace, and you will find our CD Rates are competitive. Thank you for valuing our service and support of the community.

We continue to pay close attention to the economic environment, and we stand ready to navigate the challenges and opportunities that emerge. Recently, we had customers on social security concerned about a delay in their monthly checks if the debt ceiling issues are not resolved in a timely manner. Know that our commitment to helping solve issues by working with each customer individually has not changed. Park State Bank & Trust will always work hard to look at every person, family, and business, and their unique situations, to offer every support possible.

There are still economic storm clouds on the horizon, and we stand ready to support you if the need arises. We remain committed to being your safe and secure community bank.

We appreciate you,
Tony L. Perry