We put the “Personal” in banking.  We have the products and services to manage your personal finances.  We are known for providing a high level of service.  We are constantly learning, and seeking to improve how to serve you better.  We will stay current with technology but it all starts with the beginning of the relationship which is why we still ask you to visit us at our bank to open accounts or discuss your lending needs.  We know the community and we are competitive on loans and we also are very good at working with unconventional loan needs.  We look forward to serving you.

Construction Loans

As a leader providing construction loans in the communities we serve, we take pride in offering competitive rates while offering a very efficient and effective process designed to work well for all parties involved.  Our experience will make a difference in assisting you in getting your home built.

Land Loans

We know the communities we serve and are happy to work with you to acquire the lot or land you desire.  Whether you want a spot to pitch your tent, or you plan to build your dream home, we are ready to talk to you about all of the nuances of buying land.

Personal Loans

Personal means that we will personally work to help you meet your goals

Auto/Truck/ATV/Snow Mobiles

We stand ready to assist in your next vehicle purchase or to get that recreational vehicle you have been wanting.

Ready Reserve Loans

A simple application will give you access to a personal line of credit for use on a rainy day or those unexpected needs, or just as a backup to your checking accounts.

Checking Accounts

We have the checking accounts to meet your needs.  No fancy names, but tell us what features you desire and we will match them with the appropriate account.

Savings Accounts

Yes, we have savings accounts to meet your desire to save, and yes, one day rates will improve and give you a better return.

Certificates of Deposit

We have all the standard terms to match your funding needs timeline.

Online Banking

Yes, we offer a secure way for you to manage your accounts online and we utilize the industry/security required two factor authentication for your protection.

Online Bill Pay

Yes, we offer a no charge bill pay solution allowing you to control and manage your payments


Save a tree, save some money and access your account statements at your convenience.


In development and soon you will receive your notices electronically.

Phone Banking

Still available for your use.

ATM Card

Available if you only desire to access your accounts at an ATM, or wish to fund an account for your student's use.

Debit Card

Yes, we have a card more secure than cash and more convenient than checks.

Safe Deposit Boxes

No robots yet to bring your box, but we have most sizes available at a low cost to secure your valuables.

Night Drop

App in testing and we will announce availability shortly.