You may have noticed that our website has changed.  We hope you like the new modern look and we worked to make it mobile responsive. The goal of the website is to keep you updated on what is happening with your bank, and to welcome potential new customers.  With the site, we are also acknowledging that financial institutions for the most part offer the same products and services and you will notice we put no effort in making up “catchy names” for our products and services.  We want to listen to your needs, and then match those needs with the products and services we offer.

Thank you for being patient over the past couple of months with all three of our ATMs.  The ATM in Divide has now been replaced with a new ATM and we are working with our vendor to make sure any replacements needed in the future are more timely.  The Florissant ATM now has a new keyboard and backlight so it is now back to normal operations.  We did have to replace the dispenser unit on the Woodland Park ATM and we have begun evaluating options for a new machine in Woodland Park.  Again, we appreciate your patience and we will expect better vendor performance in the future.  Thank You, Tony