Dear Shareholder,

I decided to spare you my prose and give you some insight in to why I am proud to be the President and CEO of your bank.


  • The majority shareholders’ family have been involved in community banking in Colorado since the late 1800’s.
  • From the beginning, they supported entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • During the depression, they stayed strong and supported the communities they served.
  • They established a legacy of supporting and giving back to their communities.
  • The family donated the Rosemount and its contents to the City of Pueblo. In Colorado Springs they assembled artifacts and made an endowment to create the Western Museum of Mining & Industry.
  • They committed to our community when they bought Park State Bank and laid the groundwork to complete our 50th year this April.


  • The current majority owners continue to honor their heritage and display the same commitment to community and small businesses.
  • During the economic crisis, arguably the most dramatic economic event in most of our lifetimes, the majority and minority shareholders stayed resolute in their support of the bank and our community.
  • The Shareholders’ commitment to the bank during the crisis empowered the board to take the long range view when devising a strategy to support the community without putting the bank at risk.
  • During the crisis, it was recognized that both small businesses and families would be under stress.
  • In 2009, the “Main Street Makeover” was conceived to give the equivalent of a vitamin B12 shot to the small business community. PSB championed the infectious idea that with hard work, collaboration, commitment, and yes, even risking scarce capital, we could weather the storm.
  • At a time when profitability was elusive, the bank increased its community donations and sponsorship budget to support many nonprofit organizations. We knew they would face dwindling revenue due to the crisis, at a time when their support of the community was more critical than ever.
  • During the crisis, when hundreds of families and businesses communicated their stress and doubt, we told them that they were not “account numbers” to us. We saw them as individuals committed to their families and businesses.
  • We made a commitment to our customers that as long as they were willing to fight, we were willing to be in the trenches with them.
  • Our board stayed strong and worked harder than ever. Our team committed to maintain focus and to not forget to treat our customers and each other with dignity and respect despite the stress.
  • Our customers inspired us by fighting and finding new ways to survive the day, then week, then month, and eventually years.
  • Our shareholders, board of directors, team and our customers have led the way back and turned our eyes toward the future.


  • Buoyed and inspired, Park State Bank & Trust will move forward in a still recovering economy, despite facing external forces beyond our control.
  • We will get stronger, and our ability to support our community will continue to increase.
  • We will continue to remember our proud heritage of being an independent, locally- owned bank.
  • We will always look you in the eye, take the time to hear your story and look for better ways to serve you and tell you how we can accomplish “Yes”.
  • We will find new ways to innovate and creative ways to earn your business.
  • We will do this through leadership, integrity, and hard work, while never forgetting that by supporting our community, individuals, and families, we can accomplish great things.

Finally, your commitment of capital made the survival and longevity of Park State Bank & Trust possible. As you can see, we returned to profitability in 2014, a full year ahead of previous financial projections. We will continue to work hard to maintain your trust and are determined to return your investment many fold as we move into the future.

Tony L. Perry
President & CEO