Trust Services

Your Life Plan – Defined, Documented, Executed

There are many types of trusts for many reasons. The simplest way to describe them is that we can help carry out your wishes in your absence. Marcie will be happy to sit with you and talk about the life needs where a trust might be a good fit.
Financial Planning
We can work with you to establish a financial plan to meet your goals and objectives.
Estate Settlement
We can help with one of the most difficult aspects of life, dealing with death and the emotional, legal, and financial ramifications of settling your estate. We can provide great assistance to your loved ones by taking the pressure off them during a typically difficult time. We can also work to make sure your wishes are carried out as directed.
Investments are professionally managed and there is oversight by several entities to make sure the investments are consistent with your goals and desires.
A purposeful retirement plan is more critical than ever and we can provide resources in this important endeavor.
Trust Services at Park State Bank and Trust are NOT FDIC Insured.