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Estate Planning

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Passing on your assets is an important part of your financial planning. To successfully transfer your assets as you wish requires both a Will and a skilled executor.

Through our estate settlement services, we administer your estate and take it through the complexities of probate. Our estate and tax-preparation experience lets us settle your estate without unnecessary delay and minimizes disruption for your heirs and the estate-tax liability.

An executor (or personal representative) has many legally defined duties, including:

  • Arranging for probate
  • Collecting, inventorying, valuing, and protecting your assets
  • Sales of assets during the estate administration period
  • Accurate recordkeeping
  • Paying estate taxes, expenses, and debts
  • Preparing and filing income-tax and estate-tax returns
  • Distributing estate assets to heirs
  • Following the directions in your Will

Each estate is different, with varying administrative requirements. An executor needs a working knowledge of:

  • Probate procedures
  • Federal and state tax laws
  • Accounting principles
  • Investment management
  • Real estate management and sales

We are experienced, professional executors with the skills to handle your entire estate settlement. But you may feel that the personal insight of a family member or friend is also important. We can serve as co-executor with that person, sharing responsibility for estate decisions while relieving the co-executor of the administrative and technical duties.

Keep in mind, too, that you may someday be named as executor of a family member’s or friend’s estate. We can help by serving you as agent for executor to take care of the estate’s administrative duties, including:

  • Record keeping
  • Tax return preparation and filing
  • Custody and sale of securities
  • Probate and beneficiary reporting
  • Real estate management and sales

You retain responsibility for all the decision making, including investment management of the estate’s assets.