Financial Planning


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A customized and personal approach to the financial management of your assets

What does financial planning mean to you? Financial planning means different things to different people. But the benefit of having a trusted advisor to go to when you are uncertain about your financial issues is consistent among our clients. Park State Bank & Trust is available to help you during these times of uncertainty.

Discover how we can bring precision and focus to your financial picture and dispel the confusion that complicated financial arrangements can cause by reading the following topics:

We evaluate your financial well being and build a plan. Financial planning reflects what you want out of life — and how you want to be remembered. Our financial planning service integrates all aspects of your financial life and provides you with objective analysis, specific advice and implementation support to help you reach your goals. To create your plan, we go through a comprehensive six-step process:

Six-Step Process (We Listen to You)

  • Set goals
    We help you identify both short-term and long-term goals to be the guide posts for your financial plan.
  • Gather information
    We gather data ranging from your assets and liabilities to your estate documents. We take the time to get to know you and learn about your risk tolerance and lifestyle.
  • Analyze and evaluate your situation
    We will show you how your current situation relates to your stated goals.
  • Provide recommendations and alternatives
    We will research and consider alternative strategies before making recommendations to you. Together, we will discuss and agree upon the actions to implement.
  • Implement your plan
    Our role is to make sure your financial plan is implemented in a timely manner. We will work with you, your Park State Bank & Trust service team, and your outside advisors to execute your plan.
  • Monitor and evaluate
    Your plan will be reviewed and updated annually. We will monitor your progress toward your goals throughout the year and generate new ideas as your financial life evolves.