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Investing Basics

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We focus all our investment decisions on meeting your individual investment objectives. Because no stock-selection style can be appropriate in all market environments or for all clients, we use no one investment “style”. Instead, we fit our investment choices to your specific objectives within the dynamics of the current investment environment.

Client Relationships Are Unique
We will implement your investment program only after we understand your investment objectives and document them in an Investment Guidelines Statement. Our goal is to consistently meet or exceed your investment expectations, working within your Investment Guidelines Statement. Communication is a key component of our personalized investment management approach.

We strive to maximize your investment returns within the guidelines that we establish together for your portfolio.

Our Promise To You
How effective and helpful a trust is relates directly to the trustee’s performance. Our experience in managing trusts is both long and varied. We are skilled in administering all types of trusts. We will provide professional asset management, knowledgeable tax preparation, and thorough administration for any trust you decide on.

Quality is the overriding tenet in our investment process:

  • We will take considerable care in managing your assets, diversifying them among stocks to meet longer-term growth objectives and bonds to provide current income.
  • We also may use mutual funds or our collective investment funds when appropriate.
  • Our major stock selection factors include industry outlook and the prospect for growth of cash flow, earnings, and dividends.
  • Price is another major consideration in our stock purchases.
  • Tax consequences are an important factor in managing your portfolio.
  • Custody

We also will monitor your portfolio on a regular basis to ensure it is consistent with your established guidelines and make any adjustments necessary to respond to changes in your objectives or situation.